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    EDIT: Title: [UBUNTU_12.04]{ispConfig3} Unable to access outside of local network

    I followed the tutorial here and i can access everything perfect on the local network. I can access everything on the local network using https://10.1.10.xxx:8080 and it works fine.

    The problem comes from when I try to access the ispconfig admin section from outside my home network. I use either https://server_domain.tld:8080 or https://Server_IP:8080 and I get a connection time out.

    I found this as a possibility but don't know if this is what I need to do to resolve it.

    I can access the hosted domains from outside the network just fine. Example

    To summarize:

    -hosted sites(domains)
    -FTP access
    -local admin control
    -internal and external ssh

    Not working:
    -external admin control

    I need to get this working as I will be setting up a second server in another state and will not be able to go back to set that one up for a few months. (need remote access). I could use VNC viewer to gain access to the GUI but would prefer to not need to use that as its not the most reliable way to access the server.
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    Does your router forward port 8080 to your ISPConfig server?
  3. stoute

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    Yes I did. I even setup DMZ to make sure ANYthing incoming would route to the server IP. I have since turned off DMZ for security but can re-enable it if needed.

    I forgot to mention that I can get a server permissions error going to http://server_domain.tld but the port 8080 doesn't allow access (connection timeout)

    I'm going to reinstall the entire Ubuntu install tomorrow if I can't get this existing install to work.
  4. stoute

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    I figured it out.

    I changed the port # for additional security so someone who might know we use ISP config can't just use 8080 and get to our adminCP...

    I forgot I did this so I've been trying to use 8080 this whole time. :(

    Thanks for looking at it though.

    PS. and yes I DO feel dumb

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