ubuntu studio,sound card and keyboard failure

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by itchy88, Mar 2, 2008.

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    hi all,

    i do a lot of audio stuff, so when i heard about ubuntu studio i upgraded my gutsy 7.10 and was anxious to start exploring all the new apps.

    problem is that two previously functioning aspects of my regular gutsy have disappeared.

    now my sound card is wonky, only plays the first five seconds of any song and then crashes any app i'm using: noatun, amarok, songbird, or banshee.

    the test signal on the administrative sound module lets out and intermittent beep, not constant and then crashes that module!

    any ideas?

    also, my keyboard, (i'm dual booted into xp right now just to type this) acts like it is in slow keys accessibility mode. i have to pause a number of seconds just to wait for the cursor to show up. if i type at my normal rate, only the odd character is logged.

    i checked the accessibility options and they're off. the keyboard works, as i'm typing fine on it now in xp.

    same with the sound card, btw.

    i've read in other posts that this might be due to the latency. but that doesn't make sense since a lot of sound programs, particularly trackers use keyboard shortcuts to trigger effects. installing a low-latency kernel shouldn't seize up the rest of the os.

    i have an amd athalon 64 bit dual core processor, so yes i checked the system stats and the machine is no where near taxed. web pages load regularly and the mouse reacts properly.

    please help! i'm stumped.
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    Any errors in your log files? Any errors in the output of

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