Ubuntu+Squid+Dansguardian LDAP????

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    I think that question most scary one for linux community because Ive asked same question in many forums unfortunately still no answer!! I dont think linux uncapable to do this. If I can not find solution for that I am gonna say bye bye linux for our servers..
    I hope some one in there knows the answer of question below.


    Question: I am using Ubuntu Server 8.04+Squid+Dansguardian for filtering our school's internet. Recently I can give permission to the machine IPs so they can access to the internet without limitation of dansguardian.
    Ip based permission is not usefull and I need user based permission but dansguardian needs something for that (I think LDAP). My Active Directory Domain controllers have Win 2003 Enterprise.
    If I make it more clear certain users should pass dansguardian filtering does not matter which ever machine they logged in.
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    Still seems like a rumour no response at all.

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