Ubuntu server + java JDK + nginx (as proxy to jetty) + jetty + mysql + memcached

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    I was searching on the internet more then a week to find detailed explanation how to setup Ubuntu server for java websites and I couldn't find it. I found just a partial explanations.
    Due to I think that tutorial about this is going to be very, very good.

    What to configure:
    - Ubuntu server,
    - java JDK,
    - nginx web server(has to work as proxy server for jetty web server),
    - Jetty web server,
    - Mysql database,

    and it would be very good to add if it is possible:
    - memcached.

    Memcached should be work like this:
    When a client do a request to the nginx server, it first checks on memcached if the response is already cached. If the response was not found on cache server, then nginx forward the request to Jetty, which process the request, cache the response on memcached and returns it to nginx. Jetty works only for the first client, and all other clients requesting the same resource will get the cached response on RAM.

    Tutorial like this one would be very complete to configure server for Java websites.

    Also it would be very good too, to stress which step in tutorial is for the dedicated and which step is for VPS servers.

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