Ubuntu Server 11.10 & ISPCONFIG3 problems

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ktheed, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. ktheed

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    Hello All,

    Having a few problems so thought I would sign up and ask for some help.

    Problem 1

    I followed http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-11.10-ispconfig-3 and have a problem where I have a dyndns name and when going to the url it opens SquirrelMail via everything . . .

    when typing http://ktheed.dyndns.info/webmail it goes to http://ktheed.dyndns.info/webmail/src/login.php

    when typing ktheed.dyndns.info it goes to http://ktheed.dyndns.info/src/login.php

    when typing http://ktheed.dyndns.info:8080 it goes to http://ktheed.dyndns.info:8080/src/login.php

    When I installed ISPCONFIG3 I asked for that to be on 8080 so why is squirrelmail overwriting that ?

    Ideally I wanted

    http://ktheed.dyndns.info/webmail (Webmail)

    http://ktheed.dyndns.info (Websites to show eg below)


    http://ktheed.dyndns.info:8080 (ISPCONFIG)

    Any ideas im NEW to this so please bear this is mind when responding.:p

    I am happy to provide copy and paste of any files if you let me know the paths to them :)

    Problem 2

    I cant seem to access the server by name meaning in the address bar internally on my firefox and IE explorer also to connect via ssh i can only connect by IP. when trying to connect by name it states host not found.

    The domain i chose when installing was .local, does this matter or would it be better for me to purchase a .co.uk domain and forward that to the dyndns name I have as ISP wont give static IP.
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  2. ktheed

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    this is beginning of my .vhost for ispconfig

    Listen 8080
    NameVirtualHost *:8080

    <VirtualHost _default_:8080>
  3. ktheed

    ktheed New Member

    friendly bump :)
  4. ktheed

    ktheed New Member

    dont worry, im just going to do a fresh install
  5. kwickcut

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    this is the default for squirrel mail and is correct mine is the same

    your vhost should be port 80 not 8080 and make sure that you router points to port 80 and well as port 8080 to the server ip
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