Ubuntu kernel compilation doesn't reflect changes

Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by mjimeno, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. mjimeno

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    Hello all,
    I compiled a new kernel using the following instructions:
    From all the options shown there, I downloaded the source using GIT, then compiled the kernel using this:
    AUTOBUILD=1 NOEXTRAS=1 fakeroot debian/rules binary=generic (they have a typo there BTW)
    It worked fine the first time. It reflected my changes. But then, every time I compile, I don't see the changes reflected. I had to delete all, download a new kernel from GIT, and compile it as if it were the first time and it worked fine again.
    I can say I saw two things:
    1) before deleting all the files and redoing it again, the compilation took much less time every time I did it. I noticed that compared to a first-time compilation, it looks like it were not doing something.
    2) I'm not sure about this, but I saw that the first time it did compile the files, I think because it did a lot of "CC file", which is what takes longer. After the first time, it did only "INSTALL file". Then I didn't see any changes done after the first compilation.
    I haven't find a way to make it do all from the beginning.
    Any clue why this is happening?
    thanks, Miguel
  2. falko

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    Instead of deleting the kernel sources, you can stay in the kernel sources directory and run
    make clean && make mrproper
    before compiling again.

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