Ubuntu Hardy Heron Setup for Local Netwotk only

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    Reference HOWTO: The Perfect Server - Ubuntu Hardy Heron

    Set-up for Local Network Only?

    I am new to setting up Ubuntu and LAMP web server. I would like to create a local web server only (no access from outside world) to use as a development environment. Is there anything special I should do during the install/set-up process to ensure that the sever is restricted to only my local network. I assume that the steps in the process shown on the HOWTO opens the server up to the www, but I could be wrong.

    Thank you in advance for any guidance you have to offer.

    ~ Misty
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  2. falko

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    Do you plan to set up the server behind a router? Then it's not accessible to the outside world unless you forward port 80 from your router to the server.
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    this is good timing for this question since I was wondering the same thing as the original question...

    falko - here's my concern - I'd like to extend this discussion to a mail server as well. if I'm behind a router, I understand that no one will be able to connect to the web server unless I forward port 80. However, what I don't want is for my mail server to start trying to send out mail (or whatever) and draw the attention of my ISP. Does that make sense? At present, I don't pay for the service level that allows me to run a public mail server, but if I can get it up and running locally and I feel comfortable with it, then I'll upgrade my ISP service level. Until then, I don't want any trouble from them.

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