Ubuntu and Vista Dual o/s Issues...

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Ross, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Ross

    Ross New Member

    I am attempting to install Ubuntu 7.10 along side vista on my system although i seem to be having a couple of problems getting started. The online instructions i'm using suggest using Vistas 'Skrink' utility in order to prepare a section of disc which Ubuntu will identify during install and install to.

    This seems to not be working for me though, when i select my c: in the conputer managment application and right click --> shrink a box appeard by the last 3 values in the boxes are all '0' and the 'Shrink' button is faded out.

    Having ignored this problems i decided to attempt to install to my second hard drive. The shrink utility worked on this one and i rebooted into the ubuntu CD ready to install.

    When the CD boots i selected the first option to boot into/install Ubuntu and some loading happens...

    At this point (from what i had seen in tutorials) i was expecting to go through to a desktop and proceed with the installation. Instead i come to a login screen which requests a username and password. I haveb't installed a linux distro before so find this a little strange.

    Thanks in advance for any help i get, i know these a probably basic but u gotta start somewhere!
  2. Ryanmt

    Ryanmt New Member

    Hi, your right it should load into the desktop.

    Just to make sure, have you downloaded the graphical version of the ubuntu cd as there is a "text only" one. Also that the CD isnt scratched or damaged etc.

    How much ram does the PC have, running off the live cd requires at least 512mb imo or it runs very poorly

    To me it sounds like there is a problem with ubuntu and some hardware on your system if you have any devices you could remove easily try doing that to narrow it down.

    When you get to the login prompt try username "root" and password as blank or "root" again. If that lets you in try the command startx to see if you can load a graphical interface.

    If you can get any messages from when it is trying to load this would help to diagnose the problem further.
  3. kanine5

    kanine5 New Member

    I need help, cant get graphical interface

    Hello, I just got Ubuntu 7.10 and i've tried installing it together with my Win XP OS. But i keep getting this (ash) command thingy and i need to get a graphical interface to install or can i install with commands coz i dont know how.
  4. Ross

    Ross New Member

    Yeah it's definately the graphical version, i've burn't it a few times just to be sure its not the disc itself and i'm assuming its not because they all don't work (but seem to fail at different times during the installation process?).

    It's not a top of the range set up but i have 1.5 gig ram and a 1.8ghx amd processor, so i'd assume i'm up to spec.

    I also tried the text based disc after i encountered problems with the graphical version. When attempting to install this version i manage to select the install location and prepare the partition etc. I seem to be getting stuck installing the base kernel, and often encounter 'disc boot problems' or something along those lines.

    I'll have another go tonight and try your suggestions, i'll post more detailed error messages if im not successful.

    Cheers for your help ryanmt
  5. Ryanmt

    Ryanmt New Member

    how stable is your vista install? when things start failing in different places i tend to suspect faulty ram. If your having problems with vista crashing boot on the ubuntu cd and select the memtest option.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

  7. Ross

    Ross New Member

    My vista install works well. It never freezes up or anything so i think my ram's okay. I might have a go with the net based installation suggested by falko... hopefull it'll work!

    The picture belows shows the login screen i see when trying to load the CD. I find it funny how, at this point everything seems like it works okay. Its stable, the screen resolution is good and the sound works. Strange!


    Thanks again for helping, i'll let you know how i get on.
  8. Ross

    Ross New Member

    Thanks for the advice falko. Before i proceed though thought i'd better check...

    I use a usb dongle to connect the my home wifi (and the internet). Will this work during the installation to download the necessary data?

    The guide you showed it for xp.. will it work with vista?

    Lastly.. I'm planning to install on my second hard drive.. will this affect the procedure (other than where i choose where to install and how to partition of course)

    Thanks for your help
  9. Ryanmt

    Ryanmt New Member

    that screen you posted is correct, it means ubuntu has booted ok. Try logging in yousing the username "ubuntu" and an empty password
  10. Ross

    Ross New Member

    I've tried loads of combinations of user/passwords (including that one) and the 'root' you suggested before.

    i can access the menu in the bottom left. anything i can try from there?
  11. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I think so (provided that Ubuntu has a driver for it).

    I don't have a Vista system to test with, so I can't tell.

  12. Ross

    Ross New Member

    Thanks for your posts guys. Glad to say i've got ubuntu installed and working well alongside vista. The eventual solution was using the newest version of Unetbootin as suggested by falko, except using the 'boot from iso' option (because my wifi adapter was not supported) .

    I can only guess that the ubuntu cd's that i had burnt (or some other peice of hardware on my system) was causing the installer to crash.

    Cheers for your help guys

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