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    Okay first of all, im pretty new to linux and just got into its world after deciding to make use of my old P4 PC. I have setup my home ubuntu linux server running server edition 9.10. I have followed the exact directions here:

    Pretty nice and very easy explained tutorial! Now I have a couple of questions now that the server is setup. Note: I manage the server on the network with my windows 7 laptop.

    1. How can I host websites that are open to the world?
    2. How to have complete root access (with read/write) via a mapped network drive? (Is this necessary?)
    3. I have another hard drive in the server (80gb) which I want to use as a network drive for file sharing across all my computers on the network. How do I go about doing that?
    4. How can I access phpmyadmin? I remember it getting installed, but where is the link to it?
    5. I need an account that has complete FTP access over all accounts created and their files. (web hosting)
    6. I have a Linksys WAG200G Router which is used among all the computers including the server.

    This is just for my own home use not for commercial. I am just testing and learning how its really done and would like to have a work server for my web development projects.

    I have webmin also installed on the server. Is there anything that can do with my questions?

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    You must configure your router to forward port 80 to the server.


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