Ubuntu 8.04 Spamsnake mail gateway and SBS MS Exchange 200x

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    Thanx the nice howto.

    my question is:

    Exchange server (momently SBS 2003) need extra settings, or another smtp
    specific configuration? Mean i: smarthost settings etc.

    How can i get distribution and user email addresses together from AD?


    by the way the getadsmtp.pl from SBS 2003:

    $hqbase="OU=SBSUsers,OU=Users,OU=MyBusiness,dc=domainname,dc=local"; #ONLY SBS USERS WITHOUT DISTRO
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    to Faint-hearted

    Here is the deal:

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    if use exchange mail FQDN mail server before spamsnake

    If you use your exchange server 25 port directly (who doing this.. except me till today (IMF and his buddy IMFcomanion)), and you wanna put your Spamsnake gateway in your network between exchange, need this settings:

    port forward 25 tcp port to your Spamsnake...
    Exchange relay access Spamsnake

    1.) Change the exchange -> Servers -> SMTP -> Default SMTP Virtual Server
    - Properties
    -> delivery -> advanced

    2.) Change fully-qualified-domain-name to different a real FQDN mail name - its owned by SpamSnake right now -
    (mail.domain.ltd) to (ADname or something else)

    - optional: you can set smarthost here...

    3.) restart smtp

    4.) Verify smtp name:
    telnet localhost 25

    220 (new name) Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 6.0.xxxx.xxxx ready at ...time...

    ... from postfix you won't get "greeted me with my own hostname" error message.

    Real admins never put out exchange port directly the net ...(im not a prof admin, please correct/validate me, if i typed wrong/correct tip here)... but
    trivial, maybe useful for somebody.

    A beginner:


    to learn, to learn, to learn - Lenin
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