Ubuntu 8.04 LTS - RAID 1 + LVM + XEN

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    I have the ultimate goal of running XEN on an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Dom0. However, I want to use LVM as the partition scheme for easier management of the DomU disks. I do not plan to use disk image files, but rather allow the DomU machine to write directly to LVM by setting LVM=1 in the Xen config file.

    I planned on implementing the following How-To articles in the following order:

    Perfect Server - Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server
    Steps 1-10 only
    Rather than use the standard guided partitioning scheme, I used the guided option with LVM and let the installer configure the LVM parameters automatically.

    Software RAID 1 on a Running LVM System (Debian Etch)

    Installing Xen on Ubuntu 8.04 from the Repositories

    I have configured this machine before using the first and third tutorials. The result was fine, however I configured RAID1 during the initial installation. I have never used LVM before. So during the second How-To listed above, I noticed a lot of commands reference the initramfs and grub, both of which I know will be affected by the installation of Xen.

    Can I proceed in the sequence I originally started on (1, 2, & 3 as listed above) or should I install Xen before doing the RAID1 configuration (1, 3, & 2)?
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    I don't see any problems with that order. :)

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