Ubuntu 18.04 Multi-Server with Split DNS

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by edooze, Jan 12, 2019.

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    Hi team

    Every time I use ISPConfig I'm blown away by it. After 12mo using CPanel, I'm excited to be coming back - great work, devs.

    I am building a multi-server installation in 18.04. It is located in a DMZ on our network. As such, we have the internal names for the servers (server.location.company.com) and the external DNS (controlpanel.company.com). A reverse proxy takes care of external DNS resolution, so the servers themselves aren't 'aware' they have two DNS records.

    I have purchased the manual, and am following the multi-server steps in the manual, but substituting most commands from the perfect server tutorial for 18.04.

    My question is around Split DNS, I'm trying to understand where my server names need to differ. In the database changes we use the local server names (server.location.company.com) so they can talk to each other, but when creating the SSL certificates I have set the external DNS records (mail.company.com) as that's how customers will access these systems (and browsers will request the certificates in the first place).

    Where else should these differ?

    For example, when installing ISPConfig on the web server, I have listed the FQDN of the web server as controlpanel.domain.tld because that's where it will be located. However, all automated systems will access server.location.company.com to talk to each other - will this affect other functions?

    Finally, how do I submit a tutorial for review? I think if I butcher these two documents I can easily make a multi-server tutorial for 18.04 (without the split-dns part), could be a way to give something back?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If I remember correctly, you should create NFS server to place your SSL certs that is accessible by all others.

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