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    I deploy an Ubuntu 18.04 with ISPConfig 3.1.13p1. I also follow the step to create a DKIM for my domain. I host my domain on Linode and they also teach me how to set the record on their DNS manager. I check my every mail sent by my owner mail server turns out to be:
    DKIM no signature.

    I check them with Thunderbird v60.7 for Windows with "DKIM Verifier" addon.

    I can see emails sent from other domains carrying DKIM signatures.

    What is the reason that our DKIM does not carry a signature? How do I correct it? :(

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  2. concept21

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    I think our DKIM implementation is not complete! :(
  3. till

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    Did you enable dkim for the email domain and created a dkim signing key in ispconfig (see dkim option in email domain settings)? Did you then set this key that you created in ISPConfig on your linode dns server?
  4. concept21

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    It suddenly works after I have corrected the postfix master conf!!!
    Thunderbird shows that my DKIM is signed!!!
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