Ubuntu 12.04 LTS won't boot after restart

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Martinss, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Martinss

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    Recently I have been installing server by this HOWTO.

    Due to limited time I wasn't able to install it in one day, so I installed it until Page 6, then turned it off by typing shutdown -h 0, after that, today, I turned it off, it showed GRUB boot screen and after that it wen't black. Then I booted in to recovery mode and got this screen.

    Checked UUID and it is right, althought raid name changed from md1 to md126
    Also I googled for solution, but nothing works. :(

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  2. Martinss

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    I have tried to do THIS but no success. Any help please? I don't want to reinstall all the system again. :(
  3. falko

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    Did you just follow the howto, or did you also do anything else? Because if you just followed the tutorial, this should not happen, so maybe it is a problem with your hard drive.

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