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  1. nzimas

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    I have follwee this howto in order to set up a couple of KVM's.
    For the most part everything went smoothly, except the virtual network interface, whch has neither an IP (public) nor a GW (public as well), although both have been assigned while building the VM.

    Here's what ifconfog says:
    and route -n says
    The VM is running:
    but iface-list returns an error
    Help is much welcome.


    Just in case, /etc/network/interfaces looks as follows (the public IP's are changed for obvious reasons)
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  3. nzimas

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    Thanks for the heads up.
    The issue I am currently faced with has to do with networking (final posts down the thread).
    I simply can't find a straight howto addressing a scenario where there's only one physical NIC which is used to handle the public IP.

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