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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lusso64, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Hi, I have recently acquired a server with dual Xeon 3.2, 4GB ram, and 8 x 72GB 15K drives. I plan to install ISPConfig 3 on it.

    My array controller has 2 channels. 2 drives on one, and 6 on the other. The websites I host are very DB intensive, so I was wanting to use the channel with the 2 drives setup as RAID 1 to hold the data files, and use the other channel with the remaining drives in RAID 5 config to hold everything else.

    I am hoping that someone can offer some basic guidance on this.

    First, is this a good idea or should I do something different?
    Second, I assume I will need to manually create partitions during the OS install... what partitions should I create and what mount points should I specify?

    I believe that once I have installed MySQL I can modify the config file(s) to point to the appropriate folders, but I'll cross this bridge later (and ask for help at that time :) )

    Many thanks in advance,


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