Two servera (different IP4/IP6) with all services setup

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    Two servers (different IP4/IP6) with all services setup


    Until today, I ran a modified ISPConfig in a two server master-client setup.

    The modification covered the fact, that the web services is running on both servers with different external IPs (no load balancing, physical different servers in different locations, selection by having both IPs in the DNS records and using "round robin").

    The modification covered also the IPv6 handling (as each domain on a vhost is allocated a unique IPv6).

    Beside this, both servers are running a clamav mirror on another IPv4, so it is necessary to allocate the IPv4 and the domain-specific IPv6 to each vhost.

    With an extension of the, the definition of the IPv6 base in the and the follow on modification of the vhost.conf.master, on both machines, proper vhost config files for Apache2 are generated. Using the IPv6 base address, the matching IPv6 address for the domain can be extracted from the DNS services tables.

    That avoids to have global Listen statements in the Apache2 config conflicting with the present setup (as port 443 on the clamav IPv4 is used for different purposes and must not be accessed by Apache2).

    Does ISPconfig support this in any way?

    This affects especially the different IPv4/IPv6 IPs for the two physical servers which I could not allocate to a domain in at the same time.
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