Two domains -> One folder ? Help please.

Discussion in 'General' started by joejoejoejeo, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I passed all the day searching the web for a solution for this problem, but i found nothing.
    Here's the problem: I have two domainq names A and B that i added to ispconfig, as usual ispconfig created two folders for the the domains.

    Now these two domains are for the same website, i need to make the domain A points directly to the folder of domain B.

    I don't want to use alias because it's bad for SEO and i don't want to use redirect 301 and other kind of redirections because i want really that the user access the website through both domains transparently and take no SEO risk.

    My ispconfig is in a VPS so i don't have direct access to etc/ folder and server configuration files (mybe using ssh command it is possible?). I have only access to the ispconfig full panel and i can override apach directives.

    Please help.
    thank you
  2. Nilpo

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    Sorry, but that's impossible. It's called duplicate content. Using Domain Alias is the proper way to achieve what you want to do. From there, I would recommend using .htaccess and mod_rewrite to control your traffic and url structures. I use this exact system.

    If you truly want two domains to point to, and serve, the exact same webroot, then you are creating a domain alias, no matter what means you use to achieve it.

    On a side note, using 301 redirection avoids the duplicate content penalty which is why it is the preferred method for SEO.

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