ttyS1 buffer overflow for serial console in Ubuntu 8.04.1 server

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    I have setup a serial console on ttyS1 according to The problem is that I'm losing lots of characters on the serial console when the system boots. I assume this is due to a buffer overflow on the serial port. Some lines of boot text appear correctly, but there is a little time between them. Fast lines, especially those with a lot of spaces in them, drop many characters.

    I'm using hyperterminal on a PC as a client. I have the same results when using two different PC's as a client, so the problem must be in Ubuntu 8.04.1 server.

    How do I fix this ?

    I'm using 115200n8. It is only a two-wire (+ ground) serial interface so I can't use hardware handshaking.

    Thank you.

    -- NewtownGal

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