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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rebeltaz, Oct 25, 2007.

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    I followed the tutorial on setting up Apache under Ubuntu - The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake). Everything worked as described.

    I do have two questions... 1 - I used ( is a website that I am working on) throughout the tutorial. Half way through, I thought that I might want to host several websites on the same system. Is there an easy way to change the server name without having to do a complete reinstall?

    And secondly... now that I have Apache running, now what? I am new to Linux (I learned on DOS and Assembly Language back in the days of Atari and Timex on through to the end, then Windows and only now Mac and Linux). I do have several books coming on the basics of the Linux operating system, but I'm sure they aren't going to help with this. Where can I go to get information on actually running a Linux web server? Now that I have Linux and Apache up and running, I have no idea what to do? I am sorry for asking this ridiculously newbie question, but I hope you can help.

    Thank you in advance for your time.
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    Place the new hostname in /etc/hostname and run
    /etc/init.d/ start
    hostname -f
    should show your new hostname now. You might also want to replace the hostname in /etc/postfix/ and /etc/hosts.

    The easiest would be to install a control panel like ISPConfig where you can create web sites using a browser. If you'd like to do it manually, take a look here:
  3. rebeltaz

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    I followed the link you suggested to Apaches web documents and following their directions, I edited /etc/apache2/httpd.conf and added the following code:

    NameVirtualHost *
    <VirtualHost *>
    DocumentRoot /www/computer-graveyard

    I exit the editor, saving the changes and restart Apache with:

    /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

    What I get back is:

    * Forcing reload of apache 2.0 web server...
    [Sun Oct 28 05:14:52 2007] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:0 has no VirtualHosts

    I don't understand why it keeps telling me that there are no VirtualHosts!

    You have no idea how big a headache I have right now. New operating systems (ie. DOS) were alot easier to figure out back when I was 12! I guess I should have paid more attention to Linux back then, instead of taking the road most traveled, huh? Oh well. I'm trying now. So any help will be greatly appreciated!

    BTW . After deleting the lines I added to httpd.conf and trying to restart either Apache or the whole system, I simply get [fail] with no explanation.

    I would use ISPConfig, but I never could get my other systems (WinXP) web browser (Firefox) to connect to the ISPConfig Control Panel. I think it's the parameters I used during the ISPConfig install, but I wasn'e exactly sure what to use. Here are the answers I used to the following questions:

    Please enter your MySQL server:
    Please enter your MySQL user: root
    Please enter your MySQL password: <MySQLpassword>
    Please enter a name for the ISPConfig database: ispconfigdb
    Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web:
    Please enter the host name: webserver
    Please enter the domain:
    Please select the protocol (http or https (SSL encryption)) to use to access the ISPConfig system: 2

    The parameters I used when installing Linux / Apache according to the 'Perfect Setup' guide found here are as follows:

    The hostname (right now anyway) is
    the IP address of the server is

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  4. falko

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    Simply type in in your web browser.

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