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    Hello - I am following this article to get Windows up on Amazon EC2

    Following the instructions, I get up to the "6 Starting Windows at Amazon" stage. however, I can't complete this step. The article calls for me to "Log in to your instance" - I've tried to rlogin or ssh in and it doesn't work. All the appropriate ports are open on the amazon end.

    So here's the question: what exactly did I upload to amazon? In step 4.1.3 "Bundling and Uploading our AMI to Amazon EC2" I bundled my windows image into an AMI - but does that AMI contain linux somehow? Is it a linux image with the windows image inside of it? I'm really confused about how to proceed.
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    Sorry as I didnt read the HowTo but I'm quite familiar with EC2 environment and you may find the following tips helpful regarding it.

    1. when you start a new instance, for security reasons logging with ssh with password is restricted. You need to use your key-pair for login like:

    # ssh -i id-dsa-gsg-keypair <InstanceDNSname> or <publicIP>

    2. Yes. The basic OS is *nix (depends on your base image when you created instance). The windows image is inside Linux image.

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