Transport problem with postfix (mysql, courier, sasl) on Debian

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    I followed the tutorial on

    It's a nice tutorial, BUT, the transport functionality doesn't work.

    I want to mail [email protected]. First the mail has to go to server A and than to server B ( (mx records are right). When I set in the transport table --> and smtp: <-- I got error messages saying the mailserver (server A) won't relay (relay access denied).
    When I put the domain in the domain table, the mailserver complains about no virtual mailbox being available (which is normal).

    When I add this line in, it works -> relay_domains =
    But why isn't it in the howto?
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  2. falko

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  3. Burnout

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    And what if I want to forward whatever address to the other smtp server? Isn't there an easier solution?

    If I have to create a user, I think it will create a virtual mailbox too, and that's not what I want to do.
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  4. falko

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    I have no idea, bit it worked for me the way described in the tutorial.

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