Transport on Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier, MySQL And SquirrelMail

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  1. clark61

    clark61 New Member

    Hi all,
    I have made a server as, and it works very fine, now I have to go a step further ie so that emails are redirected to another mail server reading the howto the necessary function is supplyed by transport ( smtp:mail.anotherdomain.tld Delivers all emails for via smtp to the server
    and follow this instruction I put in mail data base this:
    INSERT INTO `transport` (`domain`, `transport`) VALUES ('', '');
    ok but if for example i send a mail to [email protected] and the user [email protected] doesn't exist on this server but exist on server in my syslog appears:
    Apr 2 09:49:36 adelaide postfix/smtpd[6768]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from[]: 450 4.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table; from=<[email protected]> to=<[email protected]> proto=ESMTP helo=<>
    Apr 2 09:49:37 adelaide postfix/smtpd[6768]: disconnect from[]
    but if I put in the user table [email protected] without password and even without creating the maildir /home/vmai/ the mail is redirected correctly.
    Perhaps I misundertood, but I thought that if you redirect all mail for a certain domain to another it should do anyway and then the other server will check whether the user exists.
    What do I fail?
    Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you now
    My best regards
  2. bukva

    bukva New Member

    i've added user and server to transports table and set smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient to no in /etc/postfix/
  3. clark61

    clark61 New Member

    Hi Bukva,
    First many thanks.
    Why also the user? is it not the same as adding the address in mail table?
    Furthermore how did you add the user to transport table? as if it were a domain and then SMTP:newdomain?
  4. bukva

    bukva New Member

    sorry, i meant user mail like
    INSERT INTO `mail`.`transport` (
    `domain` ,
    VALUES (
    '[email protected]', ''

    and this user does not exist in table 'users'
  5. clark61

    clark61 New Member

    Hi Bukva,
    I tried to include only the domain in transport, and to change the adding smtpd_reject_unlisted_recipient = no and seems to work well.
    I thank you very much.
  6. rieschl

    rieschl New Member


    i have a similar question to topic, but not with transport table but users/forwarding.
    is it possible to create a user account (in users table) and forward messages to another email-address at the same time?
    can i choose between 'keep and forward' and 'forward only'?

    is it possible to have a mailbox, but the option to forward mails or keep and forward, without removing the user mailbox.

    putting the email-address to users table and forward table at the same time doesn't work, the entry in "forward" is ignored.

    thanks for your help!

  7. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I'm not sure about this one. I guess, instead of using the forward table, you can use maildrop to forward emails.

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