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  1. Metu21

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    Hey folks,

    I am using a stealth computer and my friend is using an Alienware-14. I am taking some images using a microsoft livecam studio and want to transfer it to his laptop without using ssh. Is there a way by which he can have a look at the image that i am clicking?

    Thank you.
  2. Metu21

    Metu21 New Member

    So i think working with "ftp" is fine. but now i cant be entering the password for the computer everytime. so is there a way to edit the .bashrc file so that i dont have to enter the password everytime and i can directly access the files from the computer?
  3. sjau

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    Have a look at Bittorrent Sync... it allows cross device synchronisation. Works on Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS.... you can set if another party only has read or read/write access...

    I use it to sync backups of my android phone to my server or keep other folders in sync across devices.

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