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    I'm running FC9 with an altered version of the perfect server setup, and I need a way to track my employee’s web usage. I know a few have been playing games and browsing where they shouldn't be for hours a day. So now I’m at the point I need some kind of log that can track this activity. All client machines are windows XP or vista. If I could have the server passively track that would be best. But I could run something on their machines if I had too. My topology is a star network with a router acting as the gateway/firewall to the internet. The server is behind the router (like a simple home network) If any more information is need please ask and I will post ASAP. Any help would be great. Thank you
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    Are you using the server as a proxy, i.e., do all web requests go through the server?
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    No the server is not acting as a proxy.

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