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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by drepneu, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. drepneu

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    I'm stuck with a linux server. It's already setup and works as a web server. I never operated one further than creating users, changing passwords. I have to put some web pages in it but i don't know where. can you help a desperate totally newbie?

    thank you
  2. Leszek

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    Revealing a little more information about Your server would be nice,for ex.: what distribution do You use ?
  3. drepneu

    drepneu New Member

    It's Mandriva 2006. I don't know how to start a graphic interface.
    I don't know what web server is installed on it.
    I only worked with some simple commands under linux until now.
    I only need a boost to get started.
    Then i won't bother you with any silly questions :).

    thank you
  4. o.meyer

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    Hi drepneu,

    first you should learn the basics - there are many documents out there that would help you getting started.


    It would also be a good idea to set up a system for testing - you should complete a few howtos. I think the best way is learning by doing.

    Best regards,

  5. Leszek

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    Don't worry about questions.We are all here to learn something.
    Assuming You've got Apache web server installed,the configuration can be found in /etc/httpd.You can look at files in there and reading the comments.
    It's a good place to start.
    If You'd make any changes to any files in that directory,Apache will need to be restarted by
    /etc/init.d/httpd restart
    If You'll do something wrong,Apache will tell You that it found an error and probbobly won't start.
    Information You need is in one of the files in there.The directive You should be looking for is documentroot.Next to it will be a path to the directory,where websites are served from.

    You can add system users by entering a command for example:
    useradd -d /home/drepneu -g users drepneu
    -/home/drepneu is the new user's home directory
    -users is the user's default group
    and drepneu is that user's name on the system
    Next,that user should have a password.To give him one enter
    passwd drepneu
    The same command is used for changing passwords.
    The above commands should be run with root privilages,so You need to log in as root.

    To start the graphical interface (if it's installed) You can enter STARTX

    Have fun!
  6. planner

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    You will find the default Web page on a new Apache install in the /var/www/apache2-default directory. The index.html file in that directory is what you see on a new install. You can modify that file or delete it and create your pages.

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