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Discussion in 'General' started by alpsarica, May 1, 2013.

  1. alpsarica

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    I just installed Ubuntu Server 13.04 using Everything went perfectly :)
    But as i say i'm total noob so i got some questions:
    1-) On System > Server IP addresses should i add server's local ip ( or internet ip (
    2-) I cannot acces ─░SPConfig 3 using bu i can acces it using internet ip . How can i fix that?
    3-) To publish website what should i do (i mean i'm really stuck with DNS, DNS-Zone things).
    4-) To Create a DNS Zone via a wizard in the "NS1" and "NS2" what should i write down?
    Some i need help with these problems.:confused:
    I will be very appreciated if you guys can help me :)
  2. Nilpo

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    You should use your external address. (

    This has to do with the dns settings for your domain. Are you using your own nameservers? Is your registrar handling dns? You need to create an A record or a CNAME record that points to your IP address. Without your domain name, I can't really help any further without more information.

    This depends on how your DNS is set up. If the nameservers for your domain point to your ISPConfig installation, you'll need to configure DNS zones. If your DNS is handled elsewhere, simply adding a site will be enough. For more information, you should really consider getting the manual. It explains all of this very thoroughly.

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