tomcat5+apache2 Fedora Core 6 integration

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by demck85, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. demck85

    demck85 New Member

    I'm trying to use Virutal hosting or mod_jk to have tomcat run through apache for .jsp file requests. Plus, this all need to take place out of public_html folders in users home dir.

    any ideas?

    I've been trying the mod_jk approach, but it's been painstakingly hard.
  2. hughlang

    hughlang New Member

    use mod_rewrite

    I spent years fighting with mod_jk and hated it. I've setup the mod_jk connector at least 20 times and it is just as hard every single time.

    And so when I learned how to use mod_rewrite to do what I needed, I was very happy. And I also figured out that there are much better app servers than Tomcat and I can use mod_rewrite with any app server I like.

    Here is one article about mod_rewrite, but I know there are probably easier tutorials:
  3. demck85

    demck85 New Member

    seems a little complicating

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