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    Hi. I wrote some scripts for my server to monitor my ISP internet speed at https://github.com/ahrasis/Internet-Speed-Test as my servers basically are run from home and office and ISP providers sometimes didn't deliver their promises in providing stable and consistent internet speed according to the subscribed package.

    With this, users may use their server to monitor via cron job and log their ISP internet speed for complaints or reports; or if their ISP requires their router to be rebooted to fix slow internet connection, which some do in our country, they may do so automatically when that happened via monit; or if they are using advanced router, these may be added to that router itself.

    As stated in that github page, you need to go to https://www.speedtest.net/apps/cli and follow the instructions there to install Ookla Speedtest as the script requires it; and to use them with monit refer to https://mmonit.com/monit/documentation/monit.html where the easiest to me would be to print one word result in a file and then use monit to check that file with if content = "result" then exec some customized script.

    I hope they are useful to those who need it.
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