thunderbird doesn't accept port 995

Discussion in 'General' started by Randall Paul Allen, Jun 28, 2018.

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    I installed ispconfig a few days ago. The server is On this server I have 2 domains: and

    Today I installed Letsencrypt certificates, first on and then When requestinf the certificates I request certificates for the sub domains (using the -d flag) www and mail for each of the certificates.

    The certificates work fine for the websites ( that is, they go directly to https:// without any errors or problems). My problem is with email. I use Thunderbird and when I try to create an email account, when I change the POP3 port from 110 to 995, I get an error message that Thunderbird can't fine the configuration for this email account. If I change the port back to 110, the error goes away.

    What do I need to do to secure the email?

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  3. Randall Paul Allen

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    Thanks, Taleman.
    Unfortunately, I still have the problem. First, I'm using courier, not dovecot. I looked at the link you provided and followed the instructions for both postfix and courier.
    When I change the Pop3 port to 995, I still get the error message. However, if I leave the Pop3 port as 110 and change the smtp port to 587, I don't get the error message. But I don't remember testing for this (using port 110 for Pop3 AND 587 for smtp before, so I can't really say if following the instructions for postfix fixed a problem or if there wasn't a problem with the smtp port before.). The bottom line is that I can use SSL for smtp, but not pop3. Any other ideas?

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