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    Question #1 - It seems the ISPConfig server controls the start of Apache Server?? Yes or No?? It seems starting Apache first will not start ISPConfig.

    Question # 2 - Is ISPConfig's DNS Configuration MYSQL based, so there is no actual "named.conf" or Zone file to edit ??? If there is, which one is it??

    Question #3 - Is there a need to "Restart" the ISPConfig Server to invoke changes to the DNS Records ?? Only changes done with Bind DNS outside of ISPConfig seem to work .. pls explain

    Sorry, I forgot one more - Do hostname records entered need to have a period at the end?? i.e. " " ??

    Any help would be appreciated .. Richard
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    My own responses

    1. Yes, ISPConfig controls the starting of Apache WITH all of its respective configuration files.

    2. Yes, the DNS configurations are MySQL based but then piped to the Zone Files when you save the settings.

    3. This one is Flaky, but looks like that's how it should work. For some reason, changes are being done properly to the configuration files. I manually created a /etc/bind directory and the conf files then appeared.

    4. Doesn't look like it needed at period " . " at the end of the hostnames. They are automatically entered when piped from the Database fields to the conf files.


    Five days now aka "big headache"

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