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  1. j.smith1981

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    Hi there,

    I have tried this 6 times in the past and always given up just at the thought I might get around to this but I thought I would ask here for now see if anyone else has had this problem?

    What I did was go through the virtual hosts of email using postix and stuff here's the link to the tutorial I was going through:

    Anyways when it comes to the change_sqlpass yea? the plugin I mean.

    I have the following in '/usr/share/squirrelmail/plugins/change_sqlpass/config.php':

    What the problem is this:

    When I attempt to actually change the password (using the correct old password and entering a new one when logged into squirrelmail, it comes up with this message above.

    Now I have looked in my error logs and can confirm the error I get in there is allot more descriptive but I dont know what to do!:

    Any ideas?

    I am probably sure its been done somewhere else but I just couldnt find it for some weird reason :confused:

    Thanks and I look forward to any replies,
  2. falko

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    Yes, I think your MySQL password could be the problem. Maybe you can change it to use just normal characters.
  3. j.smith1981

    j.smith1981 New Member

    Ah thats got rid of the session problem but this has occured:

    Hmm bit weird, but I did copy the UPDATED password (sorry doing sql commands there lol), but I did copy in the updated password into the config.php so it cant be that, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance again,
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  4. j.smith1981

    j.smith1981 New Member

    Right thats because I didnt update my password, in the imap server (wont say what as I would have to trail back through what I did lol).

    Thanks for the tip though!

    But now its come up with the following annoying web http based error:
    What I did was go into my server for mysql, copied what I typed in for the old password and used a text editor for my new password and pasted it in.

    So I know this isnt right at all any ideas?

    I have actually copied in the server logs in http for errors and it comes up with these errors:
    Any ideas anyone?

    I thank you in advance for any replies,
  5. ltns

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