There Support to Zend on Default installation?

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    Gonna post about an issue testing silverstrip

    I`m getting this error when i run the install:

    On they forum and after search on google for entire day mostly people say solved this like this post:

    I tried do samething without success, have added on custom php.ini inside ISPConfig like post says:


    After phew minutes, i checked the php using a file with:

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    The safe_mode was off, but, open_basedir was wih same data.
    At this point i`m lost how to fix this, my questions now are:

    1 - ISPConfig dont disable open_basedir?
    2 - On this scenario i need install zend framework?

    Someone can point me the right direction to finish this test please?

    I`m on Debian 6 with Apache
    ISPConfig 3
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    1) The open_basedir is a field on the options tab of the website, so if you want to disable it, then wirite the word "none" in the open basedir field. But you dont have to disable open basedir, just install the zend framework and add the installation path of the framework to the open basedir.
    2) Yes. If you want to use a software, then this software must exist before you can use it.

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