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  1. bepixeld

    bepixeld New Member

    Hi Miquelas, very nice theme. I like it.
    I found one little problem. I use ISPConfig version3.0.5.4p8
    e.g. in Menu: Client -> Email-Templates
    Create or edit a template and try to click on variable e.g. {company_id}. In default theme the variable is inserted in textbox. In your theme there is no action.

    Solution: Change file web/themes/DarkOrange/js/scrigo.js.php the line 851
    from: jQuery('.addPlaceholder').on("click", function(){
    to: jQuery('.addPlaceholder').live("click", function(){
    And the line 857
    from: jQuery('.addPlaceholderContent').on("click", function(){
    to: jQuery('.addPlaceholderContent').live("click", function(){
    Then it works. This replacements are original code from web/js/scrigo.js.php
    Have a nice day.
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  2. zenny

    zenny Member

    Hi I tried to deploy this theme, but ended up after login as shown at

    The entire ISPconfig UI disappeared after login. I am at ISPconfig in debian squeeze, fyi.
  3. Miquéias de Souza

    Miquéias de Souza New Member

    Thanks man.
    I will replicate these changes.
    I'm sorry For the delay in responding . There 'm working on many projects in the moment .
  4. Miquéias de Souza

    Miquéias de Souza New Member

    Hello. check the permissions of the folder are okay. the permissions must be the same as the default theme folder.
  5. Ilko

    Ilko New Member

    Does the theme work on ispconfig 3.1 ? Or, do you know, if there is any theme that works on 3.1 ? The 3.1 interface looks good, but when you click on anything it slides to the top of the page and you cant stop it, it is very frustrating.
  6. browserfiles

    browserfiles New Member

    Hello, Im using gives an error:
    "The chosen theme is not compatible with the current ISPConfig version. Please check for a new version of the theme.
    The default theme as been activated automatically."

    Any quick fix for it?

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  7. biforme

    biforme Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Hi, I changed the version of the file "ispconfig_version" in the root of DarkOrange theme.
    Try to change it according to your ISPConfig version.
    ie: from
    to or 3.1
    Also works great with the last version of Ispconfig 3.1
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