The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 10.10 [ISPConfig 3]- Drive Space

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  1. idsinc

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    During the installation, there is a part that states the following:

    I entered 20% here.

    Can I add more of my drive space as needed? Is that what is meant by "later on expand your existing logical volumes?"

    This is a pure server installation (no desktop or browser options).
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  3. idsinc

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    installation ubuntu 10.10

    I have three drives connected in the server. Each drive is one TB.

    sda partition #1 of SCSI3 (0,1,0) as ext2
    sdb partition #7 of SCSI4 (0,1,0) as /swap
    sdc partition #5 of SCSI4 (0,1,0) as /swap

    I don't know why the default made the two TB drives /swap. I want only 32G of /swap on the first drive.

    I'm trying to format those two /swap drives to clear old data from them also.

    1. I want to make them ext drives, so I can use the space for webpages.

    2. When the system first boots, there is a list of installations. I can see the old installations listed. How do I clear those? Do I just go to a file somewhere inside the system and delete them? I don't want anything that is dual boot, I want to use the Ubuntu 10.10 installation only, and I don't want the others to be an option. That tutor for the installation was PERFECT.

    I appreciate all the help.
  4. idsinc

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    I cleaned it all up with fdisk. Didn't know how to do that before.

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