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    I've installed ISPConfig 3.0.3 on a (OpenVZ) Debian 5.0.3 (with plenty resources) multiple times now without errors, but every time I run into the same problem where I can't authenticate with the Pure-FTP server giving me following error (Komodo).

    Error: 'No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it'
    Tried to find answers on different sites but couldn't find anything.

    I'm not sure what I did wrong, just followed the how to on:

    I also made a firewall record to allow the following ports.
    TCP: 20,21,22,25,53,80,110,143,443,3306,8080,8081,10000
    UDP: 53,3306

    Not sure which command output to give along with this post, so any help is much appreciated and I'll try to respond quickly with requested command outputs.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Reijmers
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  3. masterdam79

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    not paid enough attention

    Hai Falko,

    Thanks! I'll check it out and post back here when solved.

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    It was indeed the last chapter to which I didn't pay enough attention:eek:

    Now all is well and I can open FTP connections to my server, many thanks!

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    'last chapter'

    The infamous 'last chapter' :)

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