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  1. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    Hi guys im new to debian, i normaly use fedora

    but anyhow the probelm i have is most prob a simple one.

    Im following the The Perfect Server - Debian Lenny (Debian 5.0) [ISPConfig 3]

    and im stuck on this

    Because i normly use the fedora one im a bit lost about the numer of addresses in this part.

    iface eth0 inet static
    address -i presume i put my ip here wich is
    netmask that is norm so i put
    network - no idea what to put here
    broadcast - no idea what to put here

    on most instalations i have done it

    Ip address
    net mask
    dns -

    but anyhow that is the part im stuck on

    Here is an example of my details

    ipaddress - - 192-168-2-8
    Netmask - -
    Gateway - -
    dns address from real ones) (changed from real ones)

    thank you for the help in advance
  2. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member


    The resolv.conf file typically contains the IP addresses of nameservers (DNS name resolvers) that will attempt to translate names into addresses for any node available on the network. There will be a line or lines that look like this:


    /etc/init.d/networking restart
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  3. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    Thank you for your reply but i still have no idea on what to put in the two places i have listed.

    Many thanks
  4. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    Network: Should be the very beginning of your network. It would start at 0 even though your router is usually 1.

    Broadcast would be the end of the network.
  5. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    Thank you again for your quick reply

    so it should look like this ?

    address <<(wich i asigned in my router to forward ports to)
    netmask <<wich is standard
    network <<ip pool startign address (i hope there will nto be a conflict using that because i use that for a static ip for my main pc)
    broadcast <<<ip pool ending address
    gateway <<<which is set by my router to aceses internet

    i gather i get the settings from within my router(i have a belkin n1 vision)

    This is what i see when i check inside my router at lan settings
    IP Pool Starting Address >
    IP Pool Ending Address > .

    IS this correct ?
  6. DataVampire

    DataVampire New Member

    Thank you very much worked it out
  7. Ballistic509

    Ballistic509 New Member

    My router is x.x.x.1 and I always have the network line set to x.x.x.0 and it works out just fine.

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