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    I am a big fan of your The Perfect Desktop guides, and I think these are some of the most useful guides that are available for prospective Linux users. I want to say thanks for all your effort dedicated to the open source culture and community.

    One Linux distribution that is often overlooked, but has a substantial number of very hardcore fans in the Linux community, and which is often considered by beginners also, including myself, is Knoppix, the grand daddy of live distributions.

    I have done some research on various distributions and have come to understand that the appeal of Knoppix for many lies not in its live CD capabilities, but its unparalleled hardware detection capabilities. Many would prefer it as their distro of choice and have it installed on their HD as their primary desktop system. I have tested it myself and am loving it. The only hard part is setting it up as a perfect desktop system in the manner of your guides. This is natural since Knoppix was basically meant to be a live CD, and so needs a guide in setting up more than the other distributions that have already been covered require.

    My criteria for deciding Knoppix to be the best OS are:

    1) Software availability You can find a huge stock of freely available software either in binary or source. You can even run windows software using wine. This is the same for all Linux though.

    2) Hardware detectability Driver support are the same for all Linux. That is, Linux will support most hardware that you'll connect to your pc if it is detected. The superiority of Knoppix lies in automatically detecting those hardware. Knoppix is the best at it, and no other distribution, Linux or BSD, can beat Knoppix here.

    3) Security All Linux distributions are acceptably secure, and Knoppix is no different.

    4) Open Source Knoppix, being a Linux distro, is obviously open source, and comes with all the benefits that the use of open source software is meant to provide.

    5) Documentation & Ease of Use Knoppix does not necessarily have the best documentation and ease of use among the distros, but finding out guides and solutions to problems are not that difficult either. Moreover most Debian/Ubuntu guides and solutions would apply to Knoppix as well, since Knoppix is based on Debian.

    It would benefit many prospective Knoppix users if someone writes a The Perfect Desktop guide for Knoppix. If someone writes the guide for the current release, I will keep contributing from the next release onwards. Its a humble request. Thank you.
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