The order of the tabs/modules in ISPConfig 3.0.5

Discussion in 'General' started by bch, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Greetings and cheers - my first post.

    After I updated to 3.0.5, the order of tabs was not kept, which is still bugging my eyes and normal procedures.
    While I normally just edit the sys_user table in the database, it seems to be ignored now?

    If I log out of ISPConfig, change the order in the sys_user table and log in to ISPConfig again,
    the order in the sys_user table can change to a third one.

    How can I fix it?
    I understand if you have more important issues to deal with right now after this major release in which I really appreciate.

    Currently my favorite order is
    Home | System | DNS | VServer | Client | Sites | Email | Tools | Help | Monitor

    Ultimatively, every user in ISPConfig could change the order of their avaliable tabs.
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    Thank you! Wonderful.
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    You can change it here:

    find this on line 47:

    and comment ist out like this:

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