tested raid5 by pulling a drive, now what..

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by glok_twen, Feb 27, 2008.

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    so i set up a raid5 software array using mdadm. (i am new to it). on ubuntu 7.10. it's got 4 devices total. it looked to be up and running becuase during boot i got:

    raid5: raid level 5 set md0 active with 3 out of 4 devices, algorithm 2

    and then df -h yielded a drive mounted in the correct mount point with free space showing of the size of 3 times the size of a single drive.

    so to test it i pulled a drive out. there were a number of notifications. so i re-booted after the notifications stopped.

    then when i reboot though, with the pulled drive put back in, it won't re-build or come back. instead i get this error during the boot sequence:

    ext3-fs: unable to read superblock mount: wrong fs type....

    so do you know what steps one takes to get the array built back up? did i lose all the data? (if yes, it's ok, just a test... but that would seem to defeat the purpose of raid5. should i have done something different?)


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