Test Web Site without Domain

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    Test Web Site without Domain

    Hello Forum

    I have ISPConfig- running without any problems but I have a user who wants to test your site before moving the domain and I have the following problem:

    1. I can not find how to do a test site before passing the domain (in cpanel works http : // <direccion-ip> / ~ <username>) ISPConfig but I can not do.

    Buy ISPCONFIG3 Manual (It's great, congratulations) but can not find how to make this clear solution.

    The server is only connected to the Internet and not on a LAN or Intranet. I have not installed graphical environment for testing with localhost.

    Thank you very much to all and please excuse my English, I'm from Colombia.

    Happy 2011
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    The hosts file solution above won't work on a remote server connected only to internet.

    You could make a subdomain of an existing domain that redirects to the site on your server.
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    Just put that above line in the clients hosts file, then they'll ask your webserver even without the DNS being in place.

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