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  1. eforce

    eforce New Member

    Can anybody recommend a good method of memorizing the long list of commands (ls -l, mkdir, rm, etc.) used in a Linux terminal?
  2. Taleman

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    They are shortened commands mostly, finding out what the long version was helps remembering.
    • ls = list files
    • mkdir = make directory
    • rm = remove file
    Use the commands, this helps in learning them. When I started with computers, I believe it was memorizing 5 commands that was enough for the first year. The rest I looked up somewhere when needed. Command
    man -k
    is usefui.
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  3. nocs

    nocs New Member

    Create a long document and have a look while you're working (especially if you have 2 screens). It'll take some time but you'll start memorizing eventually.

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