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    I have installed openvz on Debian 6 with latest Ispconfig

    In Openvz under Server Templates there are three types;

    How can I make new template where I can change Server Resources like Ram, HDD

    If I rename let us say, Basic to Economy with changes to Server resources then I get an Error

    Is there a way I can build new templates?

    Step by step guidance would be a great help

    Also, how to know / define Cores like one core 2 cores, my server is 24 GB RAM & 500 MB HDD

    Thanks & regards,

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    Click On Vserver in the upper menu, then on vm template sin the left meny and then on the "Add new record" button to add a new template. Now fill in the details and press on save.

    The values for openvz virtual machines are explained in detail in the openvz wiki here:


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