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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mrzs2k, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. mrzs2k

    mrzs2k New Member


    I'm using the isc-clean template on the servers of my consumer. (https://github.com/dclardy64/ISPConfig_Clean-3.0.5)

    Now the client want to change the existing logo which is in the original size from the template to a bigger one.

    The new logo have the same height, but have a width from 500px.

    Where can I change the logo-size?

    About Updates: If the definition of the logo-size will be overwritten in case of an update, doesn't matter - have to be corrected after every update ;)

  2. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    im not 100% sure on this as i am new to isp config but im sure you will change it in the css if you go to interface/web/themes/isp-clean/css/style.css and look for this
    HeaderLogo{background-image:url("../images/header_logo.png");width:200px;height:80px;margin:0 0 .... not it says width:200px;height:80px change the width to 500px;
    this hopefully would fix it for you. as i have said i am new to this but i am a web developer my self and done a very quick check. i would suggest you do a try run on a sub folder i.e put the theme as isp-clean-test and if it works then add the changes to the theme you want to add it to.
    if you need more help pm me
    P.S. the line sould be in the top line of the css code also let us know if this works please
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  3. mrzs2k

    mrzs2k New Member


    Thank you for your help! It's working.

    I was testing and also changing the height and width is working correctly!

    An additional thing: On the login-pase the logo-size is also not correct. How can I change this logo size or can I use another logo there?

    Thank you!
  4. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    hmmmm give me a couple of hours and ill have a look ill find the atual part you would need to change also i asume you can use what ever logo you want you would just have to change the file to the logo you want with the same name (which is the easist) or change the name of the logo in the css or page template but i will get back to you in a mo about it thanks
  5. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    ok for the size of the logo you need to find this
    #login-form img#logo {
    width: 152px;
    height: 46px;
    and when you find it change the width and height to your desired size. and as for the image im still looking in on that one i am working as fast as i can
    also one thing i would suggest is if you
    http://mrcoles.com/blog/css-unminify/ for to be able to take the one long line off css and it will split it into readable code i will look for a compressor but there is many out there you can use
  6. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    src="<tmpl_var name='app_logo'
    i notice this in the template but as i have not yet installed the system but will be doing so in a bout 3 days but i need to try and figure out where this is (may be the header_logo but may be mistaken) i will look into this asap
  7. mrzs2k

    mrzs2k New Member

    Thank you for your fast help - it's working!

    I had an additional problen regarding the white box where is the logo and the field for username / password. The box is to little for my new logo.

    I solved the problem changing the folloging section:

    #login-form-reset .box-inner{width:430px......

    Thank's a lot!
  8. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    your welcome mate. glad i can help.
    i am a web designer by trade and going into the hosting business now so im looking into ispconfig for my control panel, it will also help with creating my own billing system so im looking threw there whole code so i can get it done before i install it on my proper system lol. if you ever need any help just shout me
  9. Quaxth

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    Could you please put the program code in code tags [ code ] and [ / code ] without spaces to be displayed correctly for PHP Code please use the PHP code taggs. All BBCodes you could find on button of the pages inside the Posting Rules.

  10. VelusUniverse

    VelusUniverse New Member

    @Quaxth :
    yeah sorry i was sorta in a rush and was also working on looking over the api docs and files so i can well look into using the ispconfig fully my self (i am currently using cpanel but hate it with a passion) but i will do for the next time thanks :)
  11. Quaxth

    Quaxth Member

    No problems! Was just thinking that you may didn't realized that it looks much better and for sure correct while using the right tags!

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