telnet problems with Perfect Server Setup

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Big_Blue_Ken, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Big_Blue_Ken

    Big_Blue_Ken New Member

    I have been following the Perfect Server Setup for Ubuntu 8.04, but I am not able to get a response from telnet. The only response that I receive is as follows:

    telnet localhost 25
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    Then it just sits there. I never get the following line so I can type in 'ehlo localhost'

    220 ESMTP Postfix (Ubuntu)

    And when I mean that it just sits there, I left it alone for over 5 hours and never received a response on it.

    Anyone got an idea on what's happening? :confused::confused:
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Look at the mail log file you should see errors there.
  3. Big_Blue_Ken

    Big_Blue_Ken New Member

    Um ... know idea what any of this means, but here is what I found:

    Feb 4 01:32:02 AOP1 postfix/smtpd[7892]: warning: SASL per-process initialization failed: generic failure
    Feb 4 01:32:02 AOP1 postfix/smtpd[7892]: fatal: SASL per-process initialization failed
    Feb 4 01:32:03 AOP1 postfix/master[7752]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd pid 7892 exit status 1
    Feb 4 01:32:03 AOP1 postfix/master[7752]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/smtpd: bad command startup -- throttling
  4. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    There is a problem is the SASL system check syslog to see what error sasl is reporting.
  5. Big_Blue_Ken

    Big_Blue_Ken New Member

    The syslog just shows the same error over and over again. How far back should I look in syslog?
  6. topdog

    topdog Active Member

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