tar backup (multivolume) error message

Discussion in 'Technical' started by kaza, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I attempted to perform a full backup using "tar" and a SCSI tape drive.
    The command issued (as a root) was:

    tar -cvMPf /dev/st0 --volno-file /root/backup/backup_vol_nums /*

    It started OK but after some time (I guess, when the first tape had
    been filled up) I've got the error message:

    tar: /dev/st0: Cannot close: Input/output error
    Prepare volume #2 for `/dev/st0' and hit return:

    I attempted to replace the tape and got the error message:

    tar: /dev/st0: Warning: Cannot open: No such device or address
    Prepare volume #2 for `/dev/st0' and hit return:

    From that point and on, the device "/dev/st0" behaved busy
    and even the "shutdown" didn't worked - apparently
    the system waited until everything had been properly closed
    while this device remained opened so I finally had to brutally
    power down the system. Reading about SCSI tape device names
    I saw that there are few names for the same tape:

    /dev/st0 for mode 0
    /dev/st0l for mode 1
    /dev/st0m for mode 2
    /dev/st0a for mode 3

    Did I used the correct device name for multi-volume backup with tar?
    What is the difference between different modes of accessing the SCSI tape?
    Any ideas as to what causes the error message?

  2. kaza

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    Anyone has/had such problem?
  3. falko

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    Unfortunately I have no experience with tape drives... :(

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