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    Pandora FMS Team have published Pandora FMS 4.0. This version 4.0 has a lot of new features and bug fixes, since the previous version v3.2.1 ten months ago. Some new features are:

    - Faster network and recon servers.
    - Support for Oracle and PostgreSQL.
    - Event correlation.
    - Extension and improvement of reports (SLA graphics, TOP n, different wizards, etc).
    - New plugins of VmWare 4.1 centralized monitoring and of Amazon EC2.
    - New agents with delegated monitoring, proxy and preconditions.
    - Skin system.
    - SNMP trap manager improved with regular expresions.
    - Inventory with Pandora with historic.
    - Documentation with more than 600 pages (english, spanish, japanese).
    - Packages for all distributions, and images for VMware and Amazon EC2.

    Download Pandora FMS v4.0 now !:

    More about the new version at:

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