System Backup Recovery on Debian Etch

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    I am about to maintain a VServer which is going to be setup with Debian Etch and ISPConfig3. (=>1)
    To do that I needed a suitable backup solution.
    Since this is a VServer and the only way to access the server is via ssh, all those nice available imaging and backup tools like partimage and mondo are out of the game.

    But, the worst case scenario actually isn't that bad in this case.
    I click on a button ... and after 15 minutes I get a brand new 'vanilla' Debian Etch.
    This makes duply/ftplicity a good enough solution for me,
    even for the purpose of replicating my whole system.
    So installing/configuring ftplicity and fetching my data - that's another 15 minutes. (=> 2,3)

    And here's the point where I get stuck.
    I have the copy of my complete filesystem at /home/user1/restore.
    The package list I created on my original machine with
    dpkg --get-selections \* > mypackagelist
    is also there. (=> 6,7)

    First question:
    Which are the essential direcories to restore my original settings/functionality?
    I have found some articles and postings (=> 4,5) but those seemed a little outdated.

    Second question:
    Once I have identified the target directories how do I do the install? Do I just plain copy over the existing directories on the new machine or is it better to remove those existing directories first?

    Third question:
    What comes first? Restoring the package list (=> 6,7) or copying the filesystem?

    Hmmmm. That was a lot of prosa. I hope you could bear with me and help me out with the right ideas or point me in the right direction.

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    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    In the links above you always mix up ispconfig 2 and 3. ISPCOnfig 3 is a completely different software then ispconfig 2 and nothing that is in the ispconfig 2 forum applies to ispconfig3.

    So to your questions, the minimum directories to backup on a ispconfig server are:


    and all mysql databases.

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