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Discussion in 'Technical' started by cruz, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. cruz

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    I went into log/syslog and there are 6 gz files, and 2 other files, one is systlog.0 and one is systlog. The size of the systlog.0 file is 72,369. The size of the syslog is 2,169,469. the size of the gz files are around 4,900 range. why is there such a diffrance in the sizes? Also the icon use to look like a text file, but now it looks like a file that has no program to open it up. I can open it up and look at it in winSCP. Also the user log is empty, the mysql log is empty, fail2ban log is empty, daemon log is empty. Help :) Is this normal? Shuld I be monitering somthing? I thought it rotated the files on it's own. I have debian perfect setup for my server. Thanks
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    The gz files are gzipped to save space. You can uncompress them like this:
    gunzip file.gz
    To gzip them again, run
    gzip file

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