sync usernames and passwords between samba servers

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by chris101, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. chris101

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    Is there a way to sync usernames and passwords between samba servers?
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  3. chris101

    chris101 New Member

    Thanks, but i not sure what i need to do.

    I am currently running a PDC and a Storage Server both running Samba.

    Ive setup the storage server to be a member of the domain and sync passwords and set the password server to the PDC but i need to find a way of automaticly creating the home directory on the storage server does anyone have any ideas? or am I even doing it the right way?

    This is the way im currently doing it,

    1. Create a user account on storage server to create the users home directory and give them permisson to access it.

    2. Create the user account on the PDC without creating a home directory.

    3. Create the user account on samba so that the user can logon to the domain.

    This then allows the user to logon to the domain, when the user access their home directory it asks the pdc for the auth and then give them access.

    sync the users password to the linux account when changed on the PDC so they can still access there home directory.

    Am I doing this right or is there another way of working it?

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